Perfect V Lifting Premium Eye Mask (x2 right masks, x2 left masks)


Using special fabrics with elasticity and resilience, the mask sticks perfectly to the skin, aiding in shaping and tightening the face. The hydrogel in the mask feels moist and cool, helps lower the temperature in the face (which aids in the reduction of swelling), and aids in delivering active ingredients to the skin.

Avajar Perfect V Lifting Premium Mask

Lifts and tightens the skin of your jawline and chin.

Instant results after 2 hours of use.

Contains natural enzymes.

Does NOT contain mineral oils, paraben, silicone, benzophenone, sulphate, triethanolamine, artificial coloring.

How to use

Open the pouch and remove the protective film.

Stretch the mask and position your chin in the middle of the mask.

After the mask positioned in the chin, roll the ends of the mask, hook into both ears.

Remove the mask after 1-2 hours use, and lightly massage your face.

2X the moisturizing effects

With different molecular weights, our original formula creates a strong moisturizing effect that fills the skin with water and prevents moisture loss to keep your skin looking healthy throughout the day.

Hyaluronic Acid
Strengthens the bond between collagen and elastin in the skin and keeps the skin moisturized.
Has a great amount of hydrophilic radical components that helps keep moisture in, avoiding dryness, keeping the elasticity within the skin.

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