1How long should I use it for?
The recommended time of masks in general is 10-20 minutes so we have written that in our instructions.
However, you can use it for longer because the mask does not consist of a drying liquid but hydrogel that keeps the skin hydrated.
When all the hydrogel is absorbed by the skin, all that is left is the fabric – there is no irritation to the skin as it does not take moisture back, thus making it okay to leave on.
We recommend using the mask for 1-2 hours at a time.
2I do not want to throw out the fabric. Can I use it again?
When you take off the mask, you will be able to see that only the fabric is left because the hydrogel has been absorbed into the skin.
There are some people who reuse the mask on their skin because of the elasticity in the fabric; however, we do not recommend reusing it on the face due to the risk of bacteria growth.
Instead, it can be used on other parts of the body (ex. wrist, ankle, calves, etc.) as a compression bandage that helps reduce swelling.
3Why does my skin feels tingly?
There are some people who feel that their skin tingles or slight pulling.
There are no ingredients that would cause such symptoms; upon checking, it seems that such feelings can happen during the process of the skin lifting.
However, if you have any questions or concerns about using the product, contact the Avajar customer service center at avajar@avajar.co.kr and we will answer your questions in detail.
4My ears hurt. What should I do?
If you feel discomfort in your ears, it means that you didn’t stretch the fabric enough before putting the mask on.
Don’t worry about the fabric stretching out or tearing, stretch the fabric out more and put the mask back on. Also, if you wear the mask for a long time, you will feel the tightness again which is the mask reverting back to its original size. If this is the case, stretch the fabric out again and put the mask back on.
5Is it safe for pregnant women to use?
Yes, it is safe for pregnant women to use. For pregnant women and their babies to be affected, the product has to go through the several layers of skin and go into the bloodstream.
However, this is virtually impossible for cosmetics in general.
There are some ingredients that are best avoided by pregnant women which include paraben, retinol (vitamin A), formaldehyde, isoflavones, aroma oils (essential oils), chemical ingredients that block UV rays, and arbutin. Avajar V Lifting masks do not contain these harmful ingredients.
6What is the material of the special fabric?
It is a fabric that consists of 10 different weaves which is different from the common sheet mask.
We import the yarn directly from Japan and the fabric is produced and directly manufactured in Korea.
It is safe for people with sensitive skin such as people with allergies, atopy, etc. because it is not made of chemical fiber.
7Why is it expensive?
Unlike conventional non-woven masks, the cost of our fabric is very high as it has the ability to revert back to its original size.
The coating technology also adds to the cost; conventional masks are just submerged in the liquid essence or coat directly onto the mask, our masks takes about 8 to 15 days to coat and mature at low temperatures. Thus, our product does not drip at all. The process is complicated and the quality control is very strict.
8What cosmetics should I use prior to using the product?
Due to the nature of V-Zone management products, the mask is used only on the jawline. Basic cosmetics normally used after cleansing the face should be used before using this product.

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